Saturday, April 23, 2011

Up in flames: That thing that was holding you back

During class on the 19th, we began with a meditation where we called into our mind one thing that we'd like to release that was holding us back from our greatest life. After a few moments of guided meditation and deep, centered breathing, we all wrote down on a piece of paper this one thing (of course their might be more than one, but we have to start somewhere!).

The notes were then folded and collected in a porcelain bowl and brought to the front of class.

Throughout the yoga and meditation class that followed, reminders were giving of how the work they were doing right here and now was helping to release that which was written down. One of the beautiful things with yoga that makes it so transformative, is that what you experience on the mat and what you work through in practice contributes directly to changes you can see in your life off the mat.

At the close of the session, the pieces of paper were shredded, and the class learned that they would be burned that night under the rays of the full moon. We closed class with wonderful conversation and cookies, and many reported already feeling lighter having gone through the ceremony simply til that point.

So yes... later that evening, prayers of deep intention for release were given to the universe before the papers were lit on fire and the ashes cast to the wind. It was a very powerful feeling as they became engulfed in flames, sensing our attachment to them being burned away as well. 

For the 28 days until the next full moon on Tuesday the 17th, the class is being reminded to keep vigil of how what was written has been released. 

At any time, if a nagging remembrance of that thing released comes up - especially if the impression is deep - the process of victory is to acknowledge its lack of power because it's not real... anything with traces of fear, limitation, lack, worry, negativity... none of them are part of our real nature. 

So come join us until the next full moon... we'll be having a special new moon class on May 2nd which is another energetically powerful day, as well as another cleansing on the next full moon to help this newly birthed reality to flourish in one's life and to help others new on this journey release any limitations as well. 

Til soon, 
Love and respect for all, 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special Full Moon Class - 28 Day pledge for transformation!!

The night of full moon is a time of beauty and magic.
As are the nights before and afterwards, which this one will be.

Full moon evenings are called moments of opportunity, and this opportunity gives us many things...

It is not only a moment of regeneration in which you can again contact your lost vision, or contact a new and greater vision, but also a moment to charge all your being and set your steps right on the path of evolution and service while releasing many obstacles and hindrances in one's nature.

So come release anything that might be holding you back, and set a bolder vision of your greatest reality with us in this special class!

A 28 day pledge ceremony will be offered for all those inspired to change!

Monday, April 4, 2011

"TGIF? No! It's TGIT! Thank God It's Tuesday cause that's when class is!!"

After this was exclaimed by one student to the rest of the class, we all had a good laugh...

Yet it was also a heartfelt expression that the benefits of YIA class were being felt by others... this same student even declared that:

"My entire week is better when I take this class - it just is.  
I'm more creative, I'm happier, less stressed... 
This is exactly what I was looking for... But I didn't know it... 
And it's exactly what I needed. 
Thank you so much, seriously... thank you for having these classes."

What a gift for us YIA teachers to see this yoga at work in peoples lives - we are simply transmitters of this wisdom who have also felt its benefits - and what a blessing for those who are coming to class that they are experiencing firsthand how this ancient, transformative practice has the ability to change their lives for the better.

As Springtime is upon us and all things begin to grow towards the sun, we can also flourish in the direction of the goodness that helps us to blossom in all aspects of life...

The opportunity is here to naturally make a commitment to grow and thus reveal the beautiful, natural expression that is always within us and only waiting to come forth unobstructed into reality...

Whatever negative habits or old patterns no longer serve us - and no matter how long they may have been there - this is a powerful time to let them go... and a powerful time to plant new seeds of intention for life to be guided by the wisdom within that says this is the path of least resistance... the path sweetly decorated by irreplaceable moments of deep satisfaction, happiness and peace.

This month we'll build momentum for walking this path by having class EVERY TUESDAY... so mark your calendars for April 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th... YIA will be here... same time, same place...

May we be strong and peaceful as we make this journey towards of our greatest clarified vision. The time is now. Let's begin.