Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Next Class: Ignite the Power Behind Your Goals

Do you have a goal you want to accomplish?

Our class on October 25 will be the night before the New Moon,
and is designed to do just that.

Join a community and sacred space for people in advertising as we set our intentions for the next month.

A New Moon happens when it reaches its minimum brightness.

At this time the dark (un-illuminated) portion of the Moon
faces almost directly toward Earth, and it's not visible to the naked eye.

In fact, on October 26 it will be the closest new moon of 2011, so you may see higher-than-usual tides along coastlines throughout the world.

This new moon can help us reflect and get to know our own needs and wants.

Check out this link with predictions on how this New Moon will affect you according to your horoscope.

We hope you'll join us on Tuesday October 25 at 7:30pm for this special class at the Bhakti Center, 25 1st Ave @ 1st Street in New York.

As always, conversation and homemade cookies after class :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From our friends at YOGAMAYA - kirtan!!!

While YIA is on summer break, check out this 8.5 Hour Kirtan!!!

Kirtan is the devotional call and response singing that uplifts the heart in ways that can't be explained, only experienced! You WILL walk away feeling better than when you arrived, we can surely tell you that. 

So come out this Saturday August 27th from 2:00pm - 10:30pm @ YOGAMAYA, 135 West 20th St. ( 

Ananta Govinda, Acyuta Gopi, Gopal, Ram Roy, Bryn, and lots of other friends and awesome kirtaniyas!

This is the MONTHLY 6hr kirtan hosted by Mantrology and the Bhakti Center which will expand to 8.5 hours. Come for some, or stay the entire time and feel the BLISS of bathing in the HOLY NAME for a LONG time!

Prasadam (food made with love and devotion, amazingly good for the heart) will be served! 

Donations HAPPILY accepted to cover costs of event!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back from Cannes, summer hiatus, Lunar Eclipse...

Hello all you wonderful people. 
Yes, Cannes was wonderful :) 

Save the date for July 14th - 
we'll be having a little celebration 
at the Pulse Music studios in Union Square
to re-live the dreams on the French Riviera. 

For now, 
looks like YIA is going to be on a little hiatus 
as the summer is upon us 
and we're getting things in order for 

For now, don't forget to breathe - just 3 breaths every hour
 (in thru the nose, out thru the nose) 
can even out your brain chemistry 
and get your endocrine system back into proper secretion 
(those adrenal glands are the ones that produce stress hormones that trigger fight or flight!). 

So take some time this summer to be good to yourself, 
and keep balance in mind 
as you maintain momentum towards your goals. 

And by the way, we have one more solar eclipse tomorrow. 

It's taking place this time in sensitive Cancer, which brings with it two polarizing forces: 
the need to break destructive patterns from your past, 
and the fear of change. 
By confronting your anxieties, 
you'll create new patterns, 
opening yourself up to interesting experiences, 
good habits and better relationships. 
So, rock on everybody! 

With love and respect for all, 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Lunar Eclipse: a time to release any negative energy

How's everyone been doing with the lunar eclipse we just had? 

This is a time to release negative energy, to release it in the light of the full moon which is still with us tonight. 
Say "be gone" just a few times as you think of what you want to release, and see it going from your life. 

Full moons and especially lunar eclipses are amazingly transformative times to become really clear in your vision, a vision that is unfettered by the chains of any lack or limitation (ie., negative energy). 

This is a time when the Earth's shadow completely blocks the moon – known as totality – that lasted a whopping 1 hour and 40 minutes. The last time the moon was covered for this long was in July 2000, when it lasted 7 minutes longer than that. 

The entire eclipse was a little over 5 1/2 hours and the effects of it's energy were mainly felt by those who could see it. North America didn't, and observers in Europe missed the first part of the show because it occurred before the moon rose. Eastern Asia and eastern Australia didn't catch the final stages, which happened after the moon set. 

Wild... check out the spiritual and global ramifications of this eclipse here:

With love and respect for all, 

Friday, May 27, 2011

YIA is going to Cannes Lions 2011

Hello yogis!

We are excited because in less than a month, we'll be heading to the Cannes Lions 2011 advertising festival in the beautiful French Riviera.

We've created a Cannes Lions 2011 facebook fan page where we'll be updating you with parties, events, day trip ideas, contests, and more!

Thanks to JC @
Thanks to JC from Cannes Scooters we're giving away 2 FREE SCOOTERS for a 6 day rental.

Picture yourself riding in the French Riviera on one of these puppies!

All you have to do is comment on the fan page and add Cannes tips or questions to get entered into the draw.

Check out our YouTube video to learn more!
This video introduces the weekly contest and tips for Cannes Lions 2011 and also announces the Cannes Countdown Grand Prix.

See you soon :)

Meg & Antonia xo

Monday, May 9, 2011

No class for Creative Week - save the date for a full moon class 5/17!

We will miss all of you during the days ahead, but we have the busy time of NY Creative Week upon us. 
If any of you are going to the Director's Showcase Tuesday night, have a good time, and know that we're all together in spirit :) 

We'll be reconvening on May 17th which also happens to be another lovely fully moon (!!!!). 

To understand a bit more of what's in store for those who might not know, look to the entry from April 23rd to get a sense. We all still feel the effects from this transformative moment shared... 

So mark your calendars and enjoy these Spring days as they unfold -
 we look forward to seeing you soon!

Love and respect for all, 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Up in flames: That thing that was holding you back

During class on the 19th, we began with a meditation where we called into our mind one thing that we'd like to release that was holding us back from our greatest life. After a few moments of guided meditation and deep, centered breathing, we all wrote down on a piece of paper this one thing (of course their might be more than one, but we have to start somewhere!).

The notes were then folded and collected in a porcelain bowl and brought to the front of class.

Throughout the yoga and meditation class that followed, reminders were giving of how the work they were doing right here and now was helping to release that which was written down. One of the beautiful things with yoga that makes it so transformative, is that what you experience on the mat and what you work through in practice contributes directly to changes you can see in your life off the mat.

At the close of the session, the pieces of paper were shredded, and the class learned that they would be burned that night under the rays of the full moon. We closed class with wonderful conversation and cookies, and many reported already feeling lighter having gone through the ceremony simply til that point.

So yes... later that evening, prayers of deep intention for release were given to the universe before the papers were lit on fire and the ashes cast to the wind. It was a very powerful feeling as they became engulfed in flames, sensing our attachment to them being burned away as well. 

For the 28 days until the next full moon on Tuesday the 17th, the class is being reminded to keep vigil of how what was written has been released. 

At any time, if a nagging remembrance of that thing released comes up - especially if the impression is deep - the process of victory is to acknowledge its lack of power because it's not real... anything with traces of fear, limitation, lack, worry, negativity... none of them are part of our real nature. 

So come join us until the next full moon... we'll be having a special new moon class on May 2nd which is another energetically powerful day, as well as another cleansing on the next full moon to help this newly birthed reality to flourish in one's life and to help others new on this journey release any limitations as well. 

Til soon, 
Love and respect for all,