Thursday, January 20, 2011

A beautiful session...

All of those who came on the 18th had a beautiful session... 

When we discussed the importance and benefits
of a consistent yoga/meditation practice
and how one can experience a sweet joy and peace upon learning to go within,
all in the room surprisingly chimed in that they had experienced a taste of this in class. 

We also talked about how developing a personal practice
can help one withstand these changes on the planet right now,
and that it all starts from
one seed:

Here is a perspective to consider... 

 ~ Inspired by the words of Yogi Bhajan ~

The change on the planet right now 
is radical, not incremental. 
It is a simultaneous change 
in both outer and inner worlds. 
The mind is changing 
its sensitivity, its basic frequency and functioning. 
Our lifestyle is changing 
its sense of time, space, relatedness and relevancy.

In the age we are leaving behind, 
it was a central and even sacred task 
to find and gain access to the right information... 
Great knowledge about human potential was guarded 
by secrecy and layers of initiations. 
In this age, there are no secrets! 
Information is available. 

Accept your wholeness 
and your connectedness 
to a larger creative existence 
and express it with each committed action. 

Let your actions demonstrate wisdom.

In the last age 
people could get away with many more behaviors,
from embezzling to dumping pollutants. 
In the past one could establish 
a persona
a mask to show the world, and be known by. 
Now every persona is under audit. 
Each action can now be tracked regardless of appearances... 
They will be known by these actions... 

Action is the language of the awakened Self.

We need stamina under stress, 
clarity of values for decisions 
and a new base for identity.

We must consciously direct 
the consciousness 
of the mind... 

We do not need new choices. 
We are flooded with choices. 
We need an 
elevated capacity 
to make choices. 

We do not need more information, 
we need 
the wisdom 
to use all the information.

Prosperity is perpetual 
with people who prefer to be 
penetrating, prepared and purposeful. 
But prosperity only comes to those who are 
and who are content and consistent. 
it boils down to commitment.

Next class announcement coming soon for Tuesday February 1st... :)

Love & respect for all,

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