Monday, January 10, 2011

Our first entry :)

Happy new year! 

This is a highly transformative time for all of us on the planet right now, 
and the seeds of new beginnings are getting ready to grow for the coming of Spring. 

To carry us through the winter ahead and start moving towards
~ our most actualized, creative and successful selves ~
YIA classes are back @ The Bhakti Center at 25 1st Ave. 

Classes will be held Tuesdays starting January 18th, from 7:30-9 PM, 
and as always, chai and the most delicious homemade cookies will be served after class. 

On this particular evening of the 18th, the moon will be full, 
so we will use the energy of this time to move strongly into this new year ahead, 
and cultivate strength and grace like never before. 

We look forward to sharing this evening with you!

For now, check out what Yoga Dork had to say about us. Kinda fun :) 

With love and respect for all, 

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