Thursday, March 10, 2011

Next class March 15th! And a bit of inspiration...

Our next class will be just a few days before Spring, 
and the days will continue to get longer and longer... 

We can also extend our days 
by gradually arising a few minutes earlier each morning... 
In those extra moments every week, 
we can help a dream that lies within us to grow... 

Is there a dream project that you've not yet started 
but have always wanted to begin? 

Maybe just one hour every morning 
can help get you closer to the realization of that dream... 

As we approach our next class, 
here's a little bit of wisdom to carry us through... 

Maybe it will inspire a few mornings of sitting quietly with ourselves 
to gain clarity for all steps ahead, 
and to walk confidently in the direction of our dreams... 
dreams that can be expressed beautifully in reality. 

This is from The Bhagavad Gita, 5.24...

"One whose happiness 
is within, 
who is active 
and rejoices 
and whose aim 
is inward 
is actually the perfect mystic. 

He is liberated in the Supreme, 
and ultimately 
he attains the Supreme."

See you soon :) 

With love and respect for all, 

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